Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thanks, NPR

So- serendipity takes over. Driving down to Tucson, just 5 days before our departure for Bogota, we hear a story on NPR about how La Nina has blasted Colombia with heavy rains, flooding and triggering landslides in almost all of the country. Further research upon arrival in AZ showed that not only has it been bad, but the forecasts say it'll stay bad, if not get worse, during what is usually the dry season of December-March.
So, long and frustrating story short, we changed plans. Now we are off to Costa Rica next week. The folks at American Airlines were friendly and fairly helpful, waiving a portion of the fees that such a change can bring on. Now we are getting some brief research in, but it helps that we've both been there, Karinne twice and me once. That one trip for me was great- climbed the highest peak in Central America one day, and learned to surf the next. I've heard it isn't that great for biking, with narrow roads and sometimes heavy traffic, but we'll deal with that as we go, and try to stay on side roads when possible.
My next update may well be from San Jose.


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