Saturday, November 17, 2012


As I type this, heavy rain is falling, keeping the dogs (one ours, one our friend's) glued to their beds in front of the woodstove.  The 2012 fire season is done, and it wasn't a good one for a variety of reasons.  The Reading fire scorched a significant chunk of Lassen NP, and tied us down for most of the season.  Some days were good, but many were spent doing rehab and cleaning up the mess that suppressing such a large fire inevitably creates.  While that was going on, the Ponderosa fire started moving towards our homes, prompting a lot of worry and stress for many folks living in Mineral.  One of my crewmembers was killed in a car crash, and several others were not very good employees. 
But in just a couple weeks, we are getting back on the road for another winter trip, this time to Peru.  We'll be running the Incan trails, eating guinea pigs, drinking chicha fuerte, trying to remember our rusty Spanish.  A fairly surprising development over the last couple years is how much Karinne and I are enjoying trail running.  When I was really into mountain biking, it seemed tedious and slow, but now I find myself loving it.  Karinne ran her first marathon this fall, and I ran a couple 50k trail races.  I'm looking to do a couple 50 mile trail races next year, and part of the agenda for Peru is altitude training along with tourism. 


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