Friday, December 08, 2006

And one chunk of legal butt-covering...

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Brevity is the soul of wit

Howdy all, first off, happy holidays. Today is mother´s day, which is very similar in popularity and events to the American Thanksgiving. Hence, many businesses are closed. Still, we were able to pick up vaccines for our new dog and cat, which is good. They are named Java and Bongo, respectively. Bongo is a feisty little guy, more than willing to attack dogs much bigger than him. Java is sickly, and not really ours yet- we have yet to get him from the guy who owns his mom.
Anyway, had PC training this week, and it was ok, too much sitting though. Highlights were going swimming in the Pacific at night, and watching the sun rise over the Pacific in the morning while running, an odd concept brought about by Panama´s east-west orientation and convoluted coast. Tomorrow, back up to the mountains, and more coffee work. Yeeha! Sorry for the lack of pics, the computer is acting up.