Friday, May 30, 2008

Not in Panama anymore, Java....

There isn't much I can say about these photos. I work with a bunch of guys who, well, the pics up above should sum it up. We went to California when it was in the 90's, flew up to the Honeybee WFU, did some work, got blasted by a gritty windstorm, woke up to snow, waited a day, woke up to even more snow, and got out of there. Highlights were grabbing pounds and pounds of meat left behind by a neighboring hotshot crew, trying to set up tents in 50 mph gusts in the dark, and the view from the crest of the Sierras down into the Owens Valley. Tomorrow we are heading down to Rocky Mountain NP to do some project work and possibly be closer to the next fire assignment or prescribed burn that needs our overwhelmingly professional help.
Karinne is at work today, but I have the day off, so Java the dog and I are going to head up the trail behind the house to see how far we can get up into the Absoroka wilderness before we get into thick snow. Spring has flirted with this chunk of the country, but we keep getting slapped with weakening remnants of winter- cold wind, snow, etc. Maybe by the time we return it'll be summer.

Friday, May 02, 2008

A journey is like marriage...

The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.- John Steinbeck

Ah, springtime in the Rockies. The second of may and I'm still getting snowed on. Soon enough, I'll be complaining about the heat. But it is truly beautiful here now- kind of stark, lots of browns and greys, but green things are making a valiant effort to pop out of the ground.
I'm living in the Yellowstone river valley, just north of the park. This is Montana for sure- driving is a challenge with deer, elk, bison, tourists on the roads, seemingly oblivious to the 70mph speed limit. The wife and the dog will be out here in a couple days, which will be great. Ok, I'll try to slap some pictures on this thing soon.