Sunday, October 10, 2010

Best Season

I am done for the season. Mostly, probably. This year's work took us to the Ozarks, the Yukon, the Grand Canyon, the Rockies, the Badlands, the Plains. It ended with a good trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand Tetons National Park, where we were blessed with perfect fall weather and scenery so intense that it felt like we were on some perception-enhancing drugs for much of the time there.
I titled this entry "Best Season" because the Fall is my favorite, but then I got to thinking about my fire seasons so far, and this may have been my best season overall. Saying that with any certainty will take a bit more reflection, but it is a solid contender. No really incredible assignments, but plenty of enjoyable ones. Good cohesion on the crew as well, which is such a huge thing with the amount of time we spend together.
So now I get a couple welcome weeks off at home. These will be spent reading, caffeinating, biking, running, hanging out with wife & dog, catching up on various projects. Then a roadtrip to Washington, then Arizona, then Colombia, and suddenly I'll be back at work. Well, not too suddenly, with all that I do time does pass quickly, but with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.