Sunday, September 07, 2008

And the sun sets on fire season

It was a long, short season. Long because I've logged 700 hours of overtime since mid-May. Those that came on just before me are at 850 hours for the season, since they got to go burn at Yosemite. For me, that equals about 35 hours of overtime a week, which is a lot. Still, it has felt short, since it never really felt like fire season got rolling. California burned, but nowhere else did much. The fire use we just got back from in Oregon was quiet & cold. We got snowed on June 13th, and saw some flurries again on August 31st. Now we are looking at a lull until we start getting ordered for prescribed fires. I may not be able to go if we don't leave soon, since I need to start in the Black Hills at the end of September.
Still, the quiet has been welcome- I got the first real long weekend of the year, so we went over to Red Lodge, MT, and camped/hiked/biked in snow & rain sprinkles. It was fun anyway.