Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The season passes

But always only when the next is arriving.

Fire season is done. We went to Arizona twice, Alaska, Colorado. Almost went to Wyoming and Idaho. Some good times, some boring times, but overall as good as can be hoped for with such a slow season. I'll post pics soon.

Now, we are getting ready to burn at Jewel Cave, Devil's Tower, Wind Cave, and Badlands. It'll be fine, but already everyones' minds are on the off-season, when we make up for all that time in the woods and on the road.

I just bought tickets to Colombia. We'll drag the tandem along again, have a great trip through stunning terrain, meet crazy and friendly people, and come back with funny tans and excellent memories. We are incredibly lucky to be able to have this adventurous lifestyle, and I love every minute of it. Well, some I'd happily skip, like food poisoning on the plane, or watching the driving rain turn to sleet as we bike along miles from shelter, but mostly, it is great.

I'll probably update a bit more when I have more energy (ie caffeine coursing through my veins), but this'll do for now.