Monday, November 22, 2010

Estamos a punto de salir....

"We are on the verge of leaving...." to translate.
A few more days here visiting Seattle, then off to Tucson briefly, then Colombia for six weeks.
The tandem needs some work, our bags need to be packed, and we have really no plan at all for where to go and what to see in Colombia. So pretty much business as usual for such a trip. Our first bike tour, though southern Mexico, was too poorly thought-out; we ran into problems with equipment and route selection from day one. Not to mention us both having regular flu, which for me was followed up by some sort of intestinal parasite. Since then we've gotten much better, though still there are always surprises with bike stuff and health.
As I write, the snow is falling hard outside, unusual for this time of year so close to Puget Sound. I may still get out and cruise a bit on my road bike, but much more and that'll be impossible. It has been good to be in such a bike-friendly city for the past week, though the sensory overload of riding fast in traffic is something I'd forgotten about.
I am having some issues with the camera, but when I get it sorted out new pics will be forthcoming.....