Friday, March 28, 2008

"Once more, the world was spinning in greased grooves" Steinbeck

For some reason, still pops up in Spanish, so I get to see such options as, "vista previa", "ayuda", and "salir".
I'm sitting in rainy Seattle, rocking out to John in the Morning on KEXP, possibly the best DJ on the best radio station in the world. There can't be a sharper contrast from the Panamanian DJs, who endlessly chatter, interrupt songs, play stupid sound effects and canned laughter, and drive me to fantasies about torturing them. Anyway, that is long gone. We've only been back in the U.S.A. for three weeks, but Panama feels really far away. So far, the "goods" about being back far outweight the "bads", which is as it should be. Maybe the only bad that seems noteworthy is leash laws, but Java seems to be adjusting well, and loves squirrels and rabbits.
My bike frame cracked, probably in Panama, but I didn't notice it until I was working on it here. Despite that, I'm going to try to go car-free as long as possible. One Honda and several bikes should be plenty of transportation for two people, and my job should keep me on the road most of the coming fire season, so it doesn't make much sense to buy a car and let it sit.
I might not have mentioned it, but all travel went smoothly- flying to PA, driving to WA, etc. Dog and humans don't like lots of time cramped in the car or plane, but what can you do? Ridiculous gas prices hurt on the cross-country drive, but the weather is not ideal for a cross-country tandem bike ride right now.
Ok, off to make more coffee! I've found myself buying coffee and beer faster than I can drink either, since the sheer range and quality of choices makes me feel like a kid in a toy store.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"The mountains call, and I must go" John Muir

Well, that isn't quite why we are leaving, but suffice it to say that we are leaving Panama, this friday. Not a super-complicated or super-secret reason why, but still it is one that I don't feel like sharing on such a public record. We are a little sad, little happy, but mostly it hasn't totally sunk in yet; it may not until that airplane door opens in Harrisburg, PA friday evening and we catch a whiff of chilly east coast spring air.
Paperwork, exams, and interviews at the office are the priority now, as is getting our act together so we can drag ourselves, a dog, a bike, and a sack of rocks to the airport with minimum stress on friday morning. I will try to include some pics from our last chunk of time here, which was hot and dusty, but productive and often bittersweet.