Monday, February 06, 2012

Long time gone

I've been bad about any sort of update on here. What can I say? Life hates a void, and fills it with stuff. Sometimes fun stuff, sometimes hard stuff, sometimes simply pain in the ass stuff, but it always gets filled. Mine has been filled with:

Running- more miles per week, longer runs too. And in minimalist shoes, so I'm changing my stride, and it is good.

Working on my Toyota- replaced the entire exhaust system with parts salvaged from junked 4runners. It was a shockingly involved process, took way more time than seemed reasonable, yet somehow it all worked out and my car is CA legal.

Firewood but no fire- well, some fire, but it has been really warm, so with just a couple days of cutting this winter I've maintained my stockpile of wood, and should have quite a bit for next winter leftover.

Paperwork- hiring the fire crew for the 2012 season. It is a complicated process, to say the least.